list of 250 forms of people who have never been contacted

In a few seconds we’ll show you a list with 250 forms of girls who have never been contacted, who have never come to one of our meetings and nor have they contacted someone

Among the girls who have joined our Agency there are VAR:totali_s2 who have never been contacted in anyway

This list is created automaticly once a day, at least
In this list
  • there aren’t the girls’ forms who already are in different lists
  • there are the up-to-date files
  • if a girl receives (or does) a meeting proposal, she disappears from the list
The file cards are inserted in inserting decreasing order (the ones who have been inserted on the same day will appear before than the others)

If You want you can see the files in

Since we don’t like that so many of our clients remain in this situation (men often choose the same girls!!) we’ve decided for this solution:
Men who have joined our Agency can send their data to the girls who are in this list paying just for the costs...
6.00 € cadauna
Conditions are:
  • the man has to be our client, too
  • the girl is still in the list (when a girl receives the first proposal she’s erased by the list)
  • the man has to ask expressly for it (if the form is in a list and it has been inserted automatically from a selection, it is not considered in this offer)
In the ‘costs’ is obviously included the eventual answer, too.

For this introductions is not considered the guaranty formula (10% of positive answers)

instructions to look at the list

  • in the left column there’s a list of forms’ numbers with a mini-picture of the girl. If you Click on the form’s number girls’ data and other photos of her appear
  • preferences to visualize photos
  • if you go with the mouse on the border which divides the two columns, you can make the frame become bigger or littler.
  • to have more informations on our data: NOTE

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