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Next trips in East Europe... organized by Elisabetta and Michal Maruska

July - August 2005

You can join us introduce yourself or taking part to our 2005 meetings

If you decide just to be introduced, not coming with us, when we come back you’ll receive all the meeting proposals of the girls who have chosen you looking at your photos and reading your data.

le ragazze scelgono sul libro a chi presentarsi
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Otherwise, if you decide to be introduced and come with us, too, you’ll be able to travel with us (or reach us by plane) and actually meet all the girls in the several meetings we have organized in East Europe. The girls who have joined our Agency are looking for the right person, the man of their life.

If you decide to come, you can choose just one of the meeting, three of five days, a week, a month..


This Summer there will be a lot of meetings: 26
There are cities where we’ve never had one: in Ukrajna in Zhitomir, Uman and Lugansk, in Russia in the city of Nizhnij Novgorod; In both countries there are cities where we’ve not been in last two years: Lvov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Tcheljabinsk, Ekaterinburg... then, after 4 years, we’ll come back in Riga

Different choises
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3 days 4 days 5 days 8 days 12 days
17 days 22 days 29 days 37 days 44 days
if you join us the cost includes the introduction

the complete list...
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little tricks for the travel  prontuario di viaggio  

Be introduced includes:
  • the print of the man’s photo and his data translated in Russian, English, Italian.. on 500 books which we’ll take with us. The girls will choose the men (also if they have joined the meeting, too) looking at them, making the ‘meeting proposal’.

  • Man’s data and his photo will be printed also in 150 copies so that the girls who will make the meeting proposal to him, will be able to take one of this copies to carry at home.

  • the print of all the answers and meeting proposal the man receives, with data, photoes and complete address (mail address, phone and email). The shipment by email or mail, too (when we come back to Italy)
Who wants to join us in the trip
  • will have our assistance before the meeting to organize the trip, too
    • will receive help to find travel’s partners with whom he will be able to share expenses
    • will have our help to value routes and times
    • will have our help for Visas
  • will receive our assistance durino the trip
    • client’s cars will be able to follow our car
    • routes and time
    • to find a hotel
    • eventual helps with the translations at the borders
  • our assistance durino the meeting
    • I’ll call the client when a girl will make to him a meeting proposal and I’ll help them introduce each other
    • I’ll introduce the client to the girls he will be interested in (if he’s too shy to do it himself)

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