trips to Ukrajna, Russia, Latvia and Belarus organized by Maruska marriage Agency

We organize this trips from 1991. We went in Czechs Republic, Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukrajna and Russia over and over for years.
Every time a different trip, but always for the same reason: to meet people, the women who have joined our Agency, look at the places, the routes, to the different manners of the countries we work with ... to be able in future to tell our clients who'll go there every information they need about it

trip 2004

trip 2003

trip 2002

trip 2001

Our 1999 trip told by Elisabetta:

the departure from Turin: in Ukrajna, Lvov, Kijev and Odessa 2nd/8th August
Cherson, Crimea and Doneck ... 9th/12th August
from 13th August we are in Russia, Volgograd... 13th/16th August
Vladimir and Suzdal 17th August
we continue for Moscow 18th/21st August
Novgorod 22nd August
and then to Saint Pietersburg, Riga, in Latvia, Minsk and Brest in Belarus 23rd August/2nd September

what are meetings?

why do we do them ...

who has joined us ...

Let's also listen to what men said:

stages and kilometers ...

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l'immagine ingrandita this map and the trip's detailed route (with directions and ways) have been kindly prepared by one of our friends, Roberto (from Rome). He's never joined our Agency, but anyhow he's married with a Russian girl (from Kraznodar) that he's met without any help.

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