Maruska agency: price list for meetings 2005

registration availability presentation and participation only presentation
all the meeting (26) all the meeting 2 meeting (consecutive) in 1 state to a solo meeting
in ukraina (13) in south ukraina (7) in Russia (7) in bielorussia in aereo(5)
within the 19 june 1250  1100  900  1000  800 500  300  100 
within the 15 July 1250  1150  1000  1000  800 500  300  100 
within the 19 July   1350  1100  1100  1100 500  300  200 
within 25 August             300   

* who participates to the meeting in Bielorussia, can without no additional cost follow also in ukraina and participate to us to the meeting of Lvov (therefore, being lvov nearly to the border with the polonia, will be able to make great part of the travel of return with we)
notices to leave
the prices are in euro and comprehensive of Vat

to who they address

who is not enrolled   who already is enrolled

For who already he is enrolled is sufficient
the photocopy of the receipt of the deposit

it must add the registration cost: if never it has not been enrolled 230.00 euro
if already it has been enrolled 150.00 euro
and to send to us - for email or mail
  the compiled contract
  the compiled questionnaire (who has already the number and the password the own card can compilare/aggiornare directly )
  at least one photography
  the photocopy of a document
  the photocopy of the receipt of the deposit

The participation costs comprise:

The participation costs comprise moreover the presentation:

All the one which is not mentioned it is comprised; between the other:

For having an idea of the costs I can add that we preview to spend 50/70 euro to the day per capita. Us they can be remarkable differences choosing lodges, restaurants of lusso, discounted flights. not demanding the approvals at the last moment, going to change the moneies where the exchange rate is unfavorable, concentrating the travel in little days.

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