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information for men

Brief explanation of our services


Men and women meet after they have both decided to do so, and we present their profiles to each other by email and conventional mail.

When a woman receives a man's profile, she decides whether to answer. When a man receives answers, he decides whether to meet.

A woman may contact a man spontaneously. In this case the man will receive by email the address, phone number and email address (when available) of the woman. The man still decides when to meet.


Every year in August we organize a series of '''meetings'''. We tour the big cities of Eastern Europe, where we have most of our female clients, and meet them personally. At these meetings we display catalogues of profiles of our male clients. We take photos and interview the women. Men who come with us can socialize with them, of course. The meetings take place in the afternoon in large conference halls of central hotels.


We have two distinct offers for our clients.
custombasic services: you pay for every presentation and extra services.
standardfull assistance: you pay for positive answers.

Before enrolling you can view the profiles

You can view and search in profiles before enrolling. You can enroll --

All our offers include a success guarantee

All guarantees are limited to presentations to people whose age difference is below 20 years. We reserve the right to establish further limits at the moment of your enrollment.
customat least 8 contact requests by women in a year, or you get another year free of charge.
presentations (applies to "custom" offer)We guarantee 10% positive answers in a single batch. If you don't receive them in within 100 days of your order, you can repeat, and indicate the same number of people to be presented to. This guarantee applies to orders of at least ten people.
standardYou can be presented to an unlimited number of people. If you don't receive positive answers, our service repeats for another year. This guarantee applies to orders of at least ten people.

You should answer contact requests within a month. We tell women that after a month they should consider a request refused.

How to pay

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