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Information for women

Our marriage agency was founded in 1991 in Prague. Currently the headquarters are located in Torino.

All our services for women are free. Only men pay.

To start using our services, fill in your details on our online form and send us your photos. We also need a copy of the page of your passport that shows your full name, birth date and photo. You can send this copy and your photos by email or by conventional mail.

Once we get your details and photos, you can browse the list of men and choose whom you would like to contact. Tell us by email. You may include a short message for the man.

If a man seeing your details on the site wants to contact you, we will send his details to you by email and by conventional mail.

If you meet in the man's city, he will usually pay your travelling expenses. You can count on our help by phone during your stay. If you suggest meeting in your city, choose somewhere that is easy to find, like a hotel foyer.

When you make a contact request, it is up to the man to contact you, by email, conventional mail or phone. He might not decide to do so. You won't be notified of a rejection. We recommend waiting for two months.

Every year we organize meetings, in big cities in Eastern Europe, where we display books with out clients' data & photos. We can take photos and video interviews during these meetings also. Many men arrive with us too. These are organized in conference halls of central hotels. We will send you an invitation a month before. For news see the dedicated page.

Maruska, marriage agency: Michal Maruška & Elisabetta de Carli Maruškova.