We add to the data of the girl some notes about her.
noteif the note appears it means that if the note doesn't appear it means that
she's got the phone the girl has given us a phone number (but it doesn't mean that it's hers: it can be of a friend's, a neighboor's..) the girl couldn't give or write a phone number
she's got an email address the girl has given us an email address (but maybe she can't control it frequently: usually she hasn't an internet connection from home.. she pays too much to connect) the girl hasn't an email address, probably she can't pay for it
we have an interview by video the girl has come to one of our meeting and has accepted to be interviewed by video the girl hasn't accepted to be interviewed by video
we know her personally we met the girl because she came at one of our meeting or because she came at the Turin's office we dave never met her personally
she's already told us she'll come to the August 2002 meetings the girl has already told us she'll come to the meetings of this Summer the girl has not told us she will come to the August 2002 meetings yet, but it doesn't mean she won't come ("expecially" if she lives in one of the meetings' cities)
the girl has already come to one of the meetings organized by the Agency the girl has already come to one of the meetings organized by the Agency the girl hasn't come to any of the meetings organized by the Agency yet
we've got the copy of her passport the girl has sent us (by email or mail) or given to us the copy of her passport. (this gives more security to the data she's given us about her).

Since 1998 we ask for the copy of the passport. All the girls who have written us before have received our communication about it, but we have not "erased" the ones who haven't send it yet, because the "questura" (which had required this kind of documentation) has told us it wasn't no more usefull.

the girl has not sent us the copu of her passport yet
we know she has joined also other agencies We know two things:
  • for instance she seems interested in finding the right persone for her, in second place (maybe it's not a positive side) the girl can meet other agencies' men. We cannot know anything about it. On request we can give any information about the contacts the girl has had in our Agency.
    E' utile quindi sincerarsi prima dei rapporti intercorrenti tra la ragazza e la seconda agenzia: non cè nulla di male ad aiutare la ragazza a pagare i servizi di connessione internet che agevolano i contatti, non c'è nulla di male a pagare un servizio di interpretariato, se necessario e se richiesto, basta che le cose siano chiare già dall'inizio.
    Comunque, a tutela del cliente, noi iscriviamo le ragazze soltanto se ci forniscono anche il loro indirizzo di casa, in modo che nessun uomo che riceva l'indirizzo di una ragazza sia costretto a passare attraverso la seconda agenzia se non ne trovi l'utilità
Per quanto ne sappiamo, la ragazza non ci ha comunicato di essere iscritta ad altre agenzie.
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