Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 13:41:29 +0400

Dear Elisabetta de Carli Maruskova!

I know that I already sent you my letters and I must not spend a lot of your time. But I just want to tell you big thanks again for man (his name is Domenico) that I met through your agency.
Day by day I feel that my feelings are deeper and deeper. Every time when I talk with him I feel that I love him more and more. And now I can't image my life without this man. He is my dearest and precious man in this World. He is very important part of my life.

It seems to me that for this man I'll can do everything. Because he is the man whom I really wait and with whom I really want to be together. This is the man with whom I want to be not day, month or year. I want to spend our lives together.
Sorry, that I take a lot of your time with my letter. I sincerely thankful to you for our meeting with Domenico.
I know that in this week he is going to go to your agency to get my letter for him. Of course I will write him about my feeling. But tell him please in Italian that I really miss him and wait our meeting (I will write it in English but I think he'll like this sentences more in Italian). Thank you!
Sincerely Alla

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