Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 09:53:22 +0200

Subject: 11150

Dear Elisabetta,

Thank You very much for your letter.
At first, I want to apologize for notanswering so longer. I have moved and naturally my address has changed. I received Your last letter by chance and I'm writing the answer immediately.
At second, my attitude has also changed. I have married one year ago and now I have all for happy life with my husband.
Thank You for attention, it was very reliable and agreeable to deal with You.
I think, You help many women to find happiness and hope You'll be successed in it further.
If it's possible, please return me my photos (if needs, I can send You an envelope).
Thank You in advance.
The best regards from Lussi (11150)

If I can help You in anything, I'll do it with my pleasure.

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