Date: 10 Mar 2001 13:12:51 MST

Subject: proposte
Dear Marriage Agency and Elisabetta de Carli Maruskova
Thank you very much for letter from your agency again and i am pleased to get this. Unfortunately, all letter, which i have from your agency before was not lucky, why..I do not know.
I receive letter from your agency, sent answer and by email and by post about my positive answer.
Man in this situation also looked me before, but after my letter nothing happened, and write again with quetions, about did you have my letter or not.
Not answer again.
And also not new information about this men, who was interesting in me.
I even can not image, wha is it problem in this situation, and now i again receive letter from your agency, from some man, who looked my photo and would like to meet me too.
I do not know i need to hope again, or all will like last time, without answer.
I will try to say ~~YES,I AM INTERESTING IN THIS MAN~~ and i hope that you will not leave me without any answer.
If he will change mean and will not want to meet me in future, please write to me about it, that i do not wait and make my life for myself.
Ho risposto ad Anna che per noi è impossibile rispondere alle ragazze a riguardo dell'esito della loro risposta. Noi spediamo la loro "proposta di incontro" con il loro indirizzo agli uomini che hanno scelto, ma non dipende poi da noi il successivo contatto...
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