GPS Coordinates: 44.9409992,6.7590586

Wi-Fi username: HUAWEI B31-52DC
Password: GYY3Q9FFL3H



heating system :

Please, do not put anything on or in front of the electric heater, and do not change the temperature! It should be set at 20°C max: above that temperature, it switches off. To switch it back on, it will be necessary to call the heater technician.
Keep the doors open in order for the heat to reach every room. If the outside temperature drops off below 10 °C, add a glass of antifreeze to the bathroom sink drain.

Alexa instructions :

  1. "Alexa turn on/off cucina" to turn on/off the lights above the kitchen counter
  2. "Alexa turn on/off camera" to turn on/off the lights in the main bedroom
other instructions :
  • Sheets, tablecloths and tea towels can be found the closet at the entrance
  • Spare light bulbs, blankets and other towels can be found in the boxes up on the shelves.
  • The chests are locked because they contain personal items.
  • If you want total darkness at night, you can cover the glass of the entrance door with the black curtain
  • For the washing machine/dryer, tokens are required. They cost 4 euros up to 10 kg of landry and you can buy them at the hotel reception. You can find several detergents under the sink in the bathroom.
  • Cars can enter the village only for baggage load and unload, but then they must be left outside the gate.
  • If the gate is closed, you can enter on foot typing "3101" + "arrow up" on the little keypad.
  • To exit, you'll find a button on the left 5 meters before the gate

For any question, do not hesitate to call me: +39 340 619 77 04.
Lastly but more importantly, enjoy the place, the nature and the nice surroundings. I wish you have a wonderful staying!